Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What else wants to happen

Around 1 am last night I discovered I have no heat. That was only because baby Boy's room was cold when I went to put him to bed. I come downstairs to turn the heat up and nothing happened. I looked at my temp. gauge we have, 66 degrees. I turned my thermostat up to 90 and I could hear the heat running but no air was flowing. I take Baby boy to bed with me and Big Girl ends up in bed with us because of a bad dream. Her bed was actually better than mine. She has a brand new thick down comforter that is warmer than mine. We get up and it is 56 degrees. We run out to Wal-Mart for heaters and a CO2 moniter. Of course Wal-Hellz is out of COs mon. Off to Home Depot we go, all unwashed (too fucking cold), B.B. still in jammies. We get home, he is grumpy. I let him take a nap, and after venture down to the depths of our house to check the furnace. The thing doesn't have a pilot light like I had hoped and I could not find the filter. There was spider webs all over the place. It took me 5 mins to get up the nerve to actually move down there. So now I have to call an HVAC guy to come out on New Year's day to anally rape me, oops, fix my furnace.

I get Baby Boy ready for bed and snuggled up. His little head is burning up. I take his temp. under his arm and it is 102.8, nice. I gave him some Tylenol and unzipped a couple of layers. He is asleep now. No other symptoms other than being a grump all day long. I guess we are heading to the ER tomorrow if there is no change. I have a feeling I'm going to have to cancel my appointment with my finacial aid advisor on Friday.

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