Thursday, December 18, 2008

Why is it I feel like going on a week long bender after going to the grocery store.

It is almost like a switch flips in my sweet baby boy's mind. From the time we walk into the store he starts screaming and trying to pull things off the shelves. He starts grabbing at the tags on the shelves. Big girl seems to think she doesn't have to listen in the grocery store. I am dragging both of them up and down the aisles, one is screaming at the top o his lungs the other is agravating the crap out of him. One man actually stopped me to ask if it was his binky whisling at such a high pitch, one octave higher and only dogs would be able to hear it. I try to do this when Big Girl is in school, but that doesn't always happen. I get to the freaking end and they are out of the fucking veggie trays that I promised to take to Big Girl's class party. So that means I have to go to Wal-Mart in the morning. It will be the 3rd time I have drug my big ass up there. Walking into Wal-Mart makes my fucking eye twitch. As soon as I put Baby boy in the Jeep he was out. He didn't even make a sound when I unbuckled him and took his pants off. He took the liberty to leak through his diaper at some point in the adventure. Now he is in his bed, completely asleep with his jacket on and pantsless.

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