Sunday, December 7, 2008

What crack was I smoking?

After spending Thanksgiving with my friend and talking to her about going cloth, diapers that is, I decided to take the plunge. When I want to do something I want to do it NOW! I loaded up the kidlets and went to the Whole Foods store, where I bought a starter pack of the most adorable cloth diapers, G-diapers. For anyone not familiar with them, it is a good concept with a few flaws. The liner is flushable, compostable, biodegradable. All day, I would gaze lovingly at my little boy's cloth diapered tush toddling around and think about how I was single handedly saving the environment and banking the money spent on 'sposies at the same time. That was until the "incident". After I few hours and a good nap I figured it was time to see how well they work. We haven't had a leak so far. I sat him down and peeked in th diaper to see what was waiting on me. Oh my Lord! Baby boy was hiding something that looked like a chunky mud puddle. I couldn't put his little butt on the diapers, because well, it is cloth. I'm trying to hold him up, not get poop on the carpet or the diaper, and keep him from playing pay in the dirty diaper. I get things taken care of and then take care of "it". I didn't realize that he had leaked into the liner, it's now stained. I read the directions on how I have to separate the diaper (um... WHAT?) I get it taken apart, sort of, and flush. I be damned if it didn't stop up my toilet. I have my handy little stick that comes with the kit. You are supposed to swish it in the toilet. I shished my ass off and it still clogged up. After I took care of that problem I had to wash out the liner and diaper. Can I just say yuck! Now I am imagining that kind of yuck going through my washing machine. I spent all last night googling, looking, and posting about the perfect cloth diapers. I did get some good information and some great sites, but I don't know now. I mean, how many packs of diapers does he really go through in a week, 1, 2. I think I might be able to eat $16 a week to never have to do that again. Now I am stuck with a $25 pack of liners and 2 adorable cloth diapers. Who knows, I might trudge on and invest in the microfiber liners and some other diapers. We will just have to see. I can just hear J. now, I told you so. Blah!

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