Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dinner and a show

Tonight I had the privilege of attending the best show of the year, and being hand served the best meal. "The Littlest Christmas Tree" and fine dining on Cheerios. Big Girl made her debut today as Mrs. Claus. She landed her lines perfectly and most of her dance moves. Since Baby boy didn't feel he needed to sit in his stroller and miss the action, I strapped him on with the baby sling. During the course I was force fed Cheerios.

15 years ago (I can't believe I just typed 15 years!) I never would have dreamt I would be watching my baby on stage, speaking, dancing, and singing. I am so proud of her talent and her courage to get on the stage, walk up to a mic and say several lines. Plus she was just too stinking cute! It makes me realize how fast time is moving. After I got the kidlets in bed I loaded the SD cards I ordered to go in the grandparents' digi. picture frames. I stumbled across a pic of her showing off her big girl undies we took to send to her dad right after she potty trained. She was 3. I found pictures we took when we went to Garmish, Germany. She was only 2 then. I looked through Baby boy's newborn pictures. I cannot believe they are 1 and 6. I miss her as a baby. For some reason I started thinking about her pronunciations of words when she just started talking. Now she is an extremely smart, very articulate 6 year old. I miss my little boy being the wrinkly, tiny newborn we brought home from the hospital. Now he is a smart, crafty, active one year old. He never stops until it is nap time or feeding time.


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