Thursday, December 4, 2008

Why you shouldn't go out in your jammies...

As usual I just jump in the truck wearing my jammies and with baby boy still in his to take big girl to school. Today it snowed, is snowing. We get halfway to school and BG tells me she forgot her book and doesn't want to pull her responsibilty piece at school. We go back and I'm trying to get her there before she gets a tardy. It's snowing right? Well I turn into the parking lot and start sliding. I slam right into the curb with my tire, but I don't knock over the traffic cone that was sitting on the curb, explain that one to me. It is completely knocked off the damn rim. She starts crying at asked me if we crashed. Yes baby, we crashed. BB doesn't make a sound. Her friend's mom saw it and took her in for me. This man comes running, well not actually running, but you know what I mean. He heard it pop. Now I panic. This is the third time I have done something to my tires since J. has been gone. I'm talking to him on Yahoo msg. on my Blackberry. BB is tired of not moving so he starts screaming, I'm in full panic mode now. I call J.'s partner who recruits another guy in the office to come to my rescue. They get to the school and my spare is flat also. Nice. They take my spare to my house to air it up, thank God I have an air compressor. They get it aired up, bring it back, change it, and follow me home. We get home and air up my other tire. It airs up and pops back on the rim, so no damage. They get it back on and head back to work. I love my friends. I'm afraid to go back out there to look at it. If I stay in the house I can pretend all is well.

Here is my poor tire.

Anyone want to contribute to the "A life-time bus pass for Courtney fund"

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