Friday, April 16, 2010

Well, the time has come..

We discovered we are indeed moving. Great, wonderful, let's go. The problem, you may ask?? We only have around 6 weeks to get everything done and J. won't be home from school until the first week of May. We have to report the first week of June. This means I have to take care of everything I can before he comes home. I have to set up the movers, clean the house out, get someone to redo our tile grout, hopefully find a new house, talk to realtors, and the list goes on and on, where it stops no one knows. Big girl isn't happy at all. I know she is going to miss her friends. I hate having to move her, but it comes with the life. I am so tired that I don't want to think about anything and I haven't even started. My eye literally twitches. The house is nowhere near ready to be sold. There is so much little stuff that needs to be done, and our housing market still hasn't come back up. I guess I need to get jumping.

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