Wednesday, April 21, 2010


We are gearing up for our move. We have been talking to realtors and cleaning out the house. It is bittersweet. This is the city I have fallen in love with. This is where we bought our first home and where our little boy was born. This is also the place where J. and I separated and went through one of the lowest points of our lives. Big girl loves her school and her friends but understands we have to move. This is all Baby Boy has ever known. B.G. was baby when we moved the first time and much older when we moved for the second time. We will be near family and the beach. This is where we have made great friends we are going to have to leave behind and where I actually finished college for the first time. So much has changed in these last 4 years. Our daughter started school for the first time and our baby boy was introduced into this world. I am sad to go, but anxious for the future. I cannot wait to see what lays ahead for us. Things seem overwhelming right now. There are so much stuff to do before we move. I have started getting the house ready to show. Now we just need to choose a realtor and get moving. We have 32 days before pick-up.


My3Ro's said...

I am going to miss you Mama. We only met one time but we need to get together again before you leave. I hope we remain friends even though the miles will seperate us. You can handle it. You are supermom!

Military mom at her best, sometimes said...

I'm going to miss you too. I do hope we can get together. Hopefully the weather will cooperate with us. I hate that it took us so long to get together. Of course we will stay friends. We gotz the board and FB ;). I hope your little man had a great birthday!