Monday, April 26, 2010


So what, yes I am a little emotional J. I am sick and tired of having to deal with all of this shit alone. Yes, I do understand it is not your fault. I do understand you wished you were here, but guess what, you are not! I am feeling overwhelmed. I asked you to do one thing, please call one of the potential realtors. Just ask him if there is any chance of negotiating our realtor's fees. That is it, pretty simple. Nope, I guess not. I understand you don't get out of class until 5. Guess what, that is 4 our time and you will be calling realtor's cell phone. It is so damned hard for me to attempt to talk to anyone on the phone. I have Baby boy either yelling at me, begging me to let him to talk, or demanding I get His Highness whatever he desires. I do not feel like negotiating while I have an unruly 2 year old on my leg. Forget walking outside to talk. He will destroy the house in .5 seconds flat. I cannot do it during his nap because he will hear me talking and want up.I do realize it will take me 5 minutes to walk outside to see what crap the pick-up guy needs to get. I am very sorry I have not had that time to walk outside. You do not have to make me feel like I am stupid because of this. I know we need to decide on a realtor. I am sorry I am making my education a priority right now. I am very sorry I have a test to take and a paper to write. I guess it is my fault for not doing it this past weekend, but I did manage to get 3 rooms cleaned out. I could just say fuck it and tell you to take care of it when you get home. You have already made it painfully clear you will not have any time to do this in when you get back. We have got to get a buyer, like yesterday! I am tired. My head constantly aches. I cannot sleep because when I do lay down my head spins full of ideas and thoughts about what I need to do. I feel sick to my stomach constantly because I am tired and a nervous wreck. I am sorry I have cried while talking to you on the phone. I am sorry you don't think I can handle things, but guess what, I have NO fucking choice. Just remember, when all this is over with, I will have a break. I am so sick of hearing about how bored you are and what movie you went to see, or where you ate dinner, or how many drinks you had at the bar. Your time is coming....

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