Saturday, April 3, 2010

I guess I should update

Since it has been almost 6 months since I have posted anything. Things are so much better. J. finished warrant school last month and is leaving this week for the second phase of his ed-u-macation. Sweet baby girl is loving school. Her first soccer game of the season was today. She was incrediable. She ended up playing her favorite position, goalie. She had at least 10 saves. Baby Boy's diaper ended up coming loose and he piddled his pants. I had to miss the last quarter. We are gearing up for another 5 weeks alone. I am not looking forward to it, but I am excited to find out what will be in store for us next. We are either leaving or staying. Hopefully we will know in the next week. Baby boy is more distructive than ever. He has learned he can climb up the cabinets to get to things on the counter. He pulls out the oven drawer to stand on and climb on the stove. He is loud and rambunctious. He hates the stroller, but refuses to hold our hands. He loves to run away when we are not looking and is too fast. He is my sweet little boy that drives me bat-shit crazy at times. I am in the middle of finishing my BS online. I have maybe 10 classes left. I am not completely sure what I want to do with the degree when I am finished, but at least I will have it.

I want to thank you lovely ladies who commented on my other posts. I hope you see this. I promise I did not intentionally ignore your kind words. They do mean a lot. It is uplifting to read kind things when it seems like you are at the bottom. Thank you.

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