Saturday, November 19, 2011


The ever present distinct sound of a child's voice when the syllables seem to join together in one long eeeeehhhhhhhh..... That is how I started my day. Well, no let's backtrack. I started my day with a major meltdown because I wouldn't let the little bratlet play his Leap pad at 6:00 this morning. What he does not understand is he does not have to wake before God himself on the weekends. He comes running his cute self into my room where the big bratlet managed to sneak herself into at some point duing the night. When I try to convince him to go back to bed the meltdown ensues. The big bratlet takes her toys and goes back to her room, where she closes her door. I am left fighting with a very tired 4 year old who does not realize he is tired. I slid into his little toddler bed hoping he would go back to sleep. My luck is never that great. So now it is 12:30 and he has been whining about every single thing under the sun since oh... 8:00. Sometimes I wonder if he is broken, or at least needs new batteries.

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