Friday, November 4, 2011

And so it begins

Day 2 of the deployment and the shit storm is fully underway. The kiddos and I were sitting at a stop sign going to school and what happens? We were slammed into by a woman not paying attention. The bumper of my not-even-6 month old car is smashed and random warning lights have been coming on. Kids are ok, but I managed to hit my lip and tooth. Girl who hit us was absolutely freaking out to the point the police officer actually meantioned it. In the end she had no less than 7 people at the scene with her while she is still freaking out. Her car is damaged more than mine. It was said she didn't even slow down when she hit us.

After dealing with insurance companies I drag two grouchy kids through Walmart. Before the end of it all I am losing my cool. We get to the front and there is 4 registers open for 102337 people attempting to check out. My patience level is now nil. We finally get home and I whip up a gormet dinner of grilled cheese and tomato soup. I manage to get soup all over my stove and in every burner (go me!) I go to get my cleaning wipes out of the cabinet to discover there is now standing water under my cabinet and mold on the walls. 2 lovely days after Superman leaves and the shit storm begins. I swear it is the never ending cycle.

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